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Frogwater, Celtic, Bluegrass, Blues, Ragtime, Regional Instrumental Dance.
 John (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin) & Susan (Vocals, Viola, Mandolin) are particularly influenced by their love of  Irish & Scottish music. The
Milwaukee live music community recognizes John and Susan as being among the most accomplished Musicians in the area. Their passion for their music is evident on stage. The intoxicating blend of their energy and style of music is sure to engage your crowd and create that festive atmosphere.  Frogwater is a Milwaukee
band that is available for your Private party.  Early booking is advised.
  For the past several years Frogwater has performed regularly at the Milwaukee Summerfest, Irish Fest, Bastile Days & Rainbow Summer.  They have received honors as best band in the Blue Grass & Country categories in the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) awards for two years running.  In recent years they have also been featured in
Lancaster WI “Music on the Square”  The Gay Mills Folk Festival, The Bayfield Folk Fest, The Wheatland Traditional Arts and a recent performance in England

Song List

Barefoot Fiddler/Cross-Eyed Fiddler/Kitchen Gals (Trad. Old-time American)
Fisher's Hornpipe/Flowers of Edinburgh (Celtic)
Jerusalem Ridge (Bluegrass)
Grumbling Old Men & Women/Drowsie Maggie/The Banshee (Trad. Irish)
Memphis Town (vocal - American)
Bus BreakdownCowboy/Carson's/Book of Rights/Tie the Petticoat Tighter (Irish Jigs)     Drummond Castle/Jessie Smith/Kirrekebuk (Trad. Scottish)
Angeline the Baker (Trad. American)
Lark in the Morning / Langstrom's Pony (Trad. Irish)
The Banks of the Roses (vocal - Trad. Irish)
Bus Breakdown (original Tune)
Jig of Slurs / High Reel / Flogging Reel (Trad. Irish)
Hangedman's Reel (Trad. Canadian)
Afro-Cuban Lullaby (Contemporary Classical?)
Atholl Highlander's/Morrison's Jig/Tip the Porter (Scottish/Irish/Original Composition)
Sparkle & ShineReconcilliation/Devil's Dream/High Road to LintonDusty Miller / Tom & Jerry (Trad. American)
Southwind (Trad. Irish)
Shenandoah Falls / Billy Wilson (Trad. American / Irish)
Wake Up, Jacob, Let's Go A-Huntin' (Trad. American)
Miss Shepherd's/Miss Patterson/Moving Cloud (Trad. Scottish / Trad. Irish)
Sandy Boys (Trad. American)
The Dress (Original Composition)

Contact Info

Phone: 414-550-2988 

mail: jim@milwaukeelivebands.com