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3/2/2013 Live Music in Milwaukee Steve Meisner 3/2/2013
MEISNER TIME!’S A HIT If you don’t have a copy of the new Meisner Time! CD, you may be in the minority. With only a few weeks since the official release release party at Rick’s Eastside Pub, Meisner Time! has made it into the hands of Meiser Fans all over. Nearly 150 Meisner fans picked up an early release copy at the Illinois Polka Fest in Schamburg, Illinois the first week in February. On February 9thRick’s Eastside Pub was a packed house with fans there to hear the entire five piece recording band including special guest David Austin on second accidion. Hearing a full five piece band has unfortunatly often become a thing of the past – giving fans an extxra thrill during the CD release party. Polka radio staions across the country have been airingMeisner Time! from the initial promotional CD mailing. Steve is working hard to get the remaining promo copies mailed out to the many other DJs anxiously awaiting their copy. If you are a polka DJ and don’t believe you are on Steve’s promo list, be sure to drop Steve a line at zboxman@jefnet.com to request a copy. If you are one of the Meisner fans still without a copy of Meisner Time!, you can order the new CD on-line right now from the Merchandise Page of the Steve Meisner website. CDs are also available at allupcoming performances. If you would rather purchase an MP3 download copy of Meisner Time!,they are available through CD Baby. Don’t miss picking up a copy of Steve’s first new recording in nearly ten years! Get your copy of Meisner Time!Now.

YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU’LL FIND ON THE INTERNET The Internet, including websites like Facebook and You Tube, has brought an amazing amount of music and information right into your computer. You just never know what you might find, from video clips of Meisner performances during days gone by to some of Steve’s recent performances. In fact, sometimes video of the band is placed on-line before the band event returns home after the performance! Steve has a You Tube channel with multiple videos, but that is just the beginning. Many Meisner fans have uploaded video of their own. Then there are the one-of-a-kind creations that you may not even believe. Videos like a remake of Steve’s father Verne set to punk rock, heavey metal or how about Steve’s current band doing a Chippendales dance routine? You read all of that correctly! Nearly 20,000 people have already viewed the Extreme Brutal Death Metal Polka Band video on You Tube, featuring none other than Verne Meisner and several of his origional band members… well sort of. Then, Steve and the band take their shirts off in the realatively unseen Steve Meisner Band Dancevideo. What else can we even say? You just have to see them for yourself, because like we already said, you just never know what you will find on the Internet! Of course you’ll also find Steve and the band in some of their recent performances including from recent months at the Cleveland Thanksgiving event, theWhad Ya’ Know radio show Christmas party,Gemuetichkeit Days, the Essen Haus, the Warren Polka Boosters dance in Utica, Michigan and more. Just click on the titles to see these videos. While you're there try searching for more on You Tube and on Facebook. Keep checking www.SteveMeisner.com for more as they appear.
LEAVING WISCONSIN SNOW FOR ARIZONA THIS WEEKEND  Steve and the band may be headed west on a plane as you’re reading this! The guys get to leave behind the Wisconsin snow and head for sunshine out in Chandler, Airizona this weekend. If you’ve done  or are doing the same thing, be sure to head to the Gila River Casino at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler for the casino’s Polka Me Crazy series. Steve and the band perform this Sunday, March 3, 2013, with an afternoon show in the Ovations Theater. The same band heard on Meisner Time!,appearing in many of those videos we just talked about and also appearing on the Mollie B television show will all be there. In fact if you happen to be at the Casino on Saturday you may just run into Steve and the boys there as well. Tickets are still available from the Gila River Internet box office or at the door. Anyone in the greater Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale-Chandler is invited to stop by and say hello.


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