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4/14/2013 Mugged by an American Idiot Milwaukee Review 4/14/2013

Mugged by an American Idiot in downtown Milwaukee - Review
by Jim G

Last Friday night I went to seen American Idiot at the Milwaukee Theater with my wife and son. We were mugged during the show, in the theater, row V, ear to ear with the sound engineer. We didn't see it coming,  $350 gone. Perhaps it was our fault (that was the lesson of the night) we expected a world class performance.  It started with a radio announcement of current and past events, including a sound bite that North Korea has just deployed a nuke. What the Hell? Exactly what effect were you going for?  Or was it just ignorance to current events?  If Bizarre was what you wanted, I say "good work gang"!

The music was wimpy, drums especially, I could hear the stage volume as well as what was coming out of the speakers. I know, It is a Musical and does not have teeth by its nature, but it is Green Day for F sake, The writers went out of there way to use the F word so why couldn't you find a way to have the music have some F'n power? A musical finally has an opportunity to work with music that truly rocks and it seems as though it was not a priority as an effect.  The music has melody, depth and power, they focused only on melody. The creators tried to make it real with the F word but decided not to use the reality that Green Day, at it's core is a punk rock concert band. The draw for this production is not the message, dancing or underwear it is the music of Green Day.  The priorities were as follows: message, singing, dance, music, flash

The story is nothing new, here it is - Dreams and hopes of the young are crushed by Redneck America.  If the message is - When people in America make bad decisions and don't persevere with their unique set of challenges they become losers. That may be a new message and I would recommend this message to anyone of any age. Instead they played the blame game, America, Bush, The Military, America.  Upside down flag, oh come on.  America has given this production company the opportunity to make millions on a weak message to the weak.  I guess I am not a sucker of this message. Do you know your enemy? how about? - you may be the enemy of yourself
This Musical was upside down in message and the flag was correctly in place.

Our family wasted $175. The show was worth only half of what we paid.  We had great conversation as a result of what we witnessed, we did enjoy most of the performers and some scenes were memorable.  The dancers were not always in sync, but I will admit that I don't care about dancing especially when I am trying to absorb some rock n roll with my son.  The musicians were good but they could have moved around alot more. I thought I seen two guitarist talking to each other while playing. odd.   A suggestion to the On Stage Musical Director, please do not wave your arms like a symphony conductor,  its punk rock for G sake.  Pump your fist or bang your head then go and make a beer run for your band.

We had a family meeting on the way back to our families home in our family vehicle and we all agreed that this show was a cut above a good high school production, it was more like a good college production. It was OK, but not what we expected. In conclusion, please don't try to teach us any more life lessons until you have learned all of yours. I will not be pressing any charges.


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