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6/1/2013 Steve Meisner News Letter 6/1/2013
MEISNER TIME A HIT WITH FANS  The comments continue to come in and it’s clear that Meisner Time, the new release from Steve Meisner, is a hit with fans. Take a look at a sampling of completely unsolicited comments that have been received since the new CD was released in February.
- Just wanted to tell you your new CD is terrific. On a 1 to 10 scale I give it a ten. – Denny B.

- Received the CD today and I LOVED it. I can now see why it took you two years. Talk about "Perfection"! – Maureen M.

- Steve! Meisner Time -- Another Meisner Classic! – Keith V

- I received your new CD. Both Allen and I give it 10 stars out of ten. I can tell you that your genius is evident on each track. Allen’s favorite is "Sweet Jennie Lee" and mine is, probably the best waltz I've ever heard, "Cecily's Waltz". It may have taken awhile to produce, but it is the best CD that I have ever bought. – Doug K.

- Congratulations on the release of "Meisner Time", what a fantastic CD. – Bruce K.

- Boy you’ve got a winner with your new CD. The IJ’s are playing the hell out of it. – Bob R.

- Just wanted to say how mind blowing good "Meisner Time" is! – Kelley M.

- Take a Bow. Once again you have hit this release out of the Park. – Jan C.

- I have heard many polka bands in my time but none can compare to you and your band. – Pat A.

- Just received my CDs today! "Meisner Time" is great, can't stop listening to it. Keep up the good work. – Harry E.

- Your CD... it's really a concept CD, much like Abbey Road was for the Beatles. Musically extremely mature, refined and polished. Excellent mixing, extraordinary chord progressions, wonderful variety, but also unique in complexity, harmony and jazzy melodies. – Dominic B.

If you don't yet have a copy of the new Meisner Time CD, get yours today and see why these and many other polka music fans feel that Meisner Time was well worth the wait. Just don't wait any longer to place your on-line order. You can also download the complete Meisner Time CD right now from CD Baby and be listening to it in minutes! If you just read through the comments, it's clear that Meisner Time has to be added to your music collection.

A SIX PIECE BAND Remember the “good ole days?” Remember when Slovenian-style polka bands always had five or six musicians on stage? You can relive those days at least one more time on Saturday, June 15, during this year’s Roger Bright Polka Festival in New Glarus, Wisconsin. Thanks to a Meisner fan who wanted to see it, Steve will perform at the festival with a full six piece band, complete with two accordions, sax, banjo/guitar, drums and even a stand-up, string bass. See the original Steve Meisner Band with Steve, Rick Hartmann and Larry Sokolowski as they join current band members, Jerry Bieniek and Don Hunjadi, plus special guest, Scott Koehn. It’s a one-time performance you just don't want to miss, Saturday, June 15, starting at 5:30, during the Roger Bright Polka Festival in New Glarus.

MEISNER MUSIC AND BINGO While Steve and the band continue to perform the third Thursday of every month from 2-6 at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino, those performances take place in the Fire Pit Side Bar, right off of the gaming floor. Now, on Friday, June 14, the band moves right into the bingo hall! What could be better than polka music and bingo? This special performance starts at 4:00 PM to help kick off the Friday night bingo action at Potawatomi. Come for the music and stay for the cash. Both are certain to be a lot of fun.      

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything.” - Plato
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June Performances
Friday, June 7
Essen Haus
8:30 PM, Waukesha, WI
Saturday, June 8
Essen Haus
8:30 PM, Waukesha, WI
Sunday, June 9
Verona Festival Grounds
2:00 PM, Verona, WI
Wednesday, June 12
Senior Fest - Serb Hall
3:00 PM, Milwaukee, WI
Friday, June 14
Potawatomi Bingo Casino
In The Bingo Hall
4:00 PM, Milwaukee, WI
Saturday, June 15
Roger Bright Polka Fest
Downtown New Glarus
5:30 PM, New Glarus, WI
Sunday, June 16
Turner Hall
1:00 PM, Monroe, WI
Thursday, June 20
Potawatomi Bingo Casino
Fire Pit Side Bar
2:00 PM, Milwaukee, WI
Friday, June 21
Janesville Moose Club
7:00 PM, Janesville, WI
Sunday, June 23
Hiawatha Bar
2:00 PM, Sturtevant, WI
Sunday, June 23
Singles Variety Dance
Hiawatha Bar
7:00 PM, Sturtevant, WI
Tuesday, June 25
Downtown Concert
7:00 PM, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Wednesday, June 26
Downtown Concert
7:00 PM, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Thursday, June 27
Concert in the Park
Vetrains Memorial Park
7:00 PM, West Allis, WI

More Dates & Information
Friday, October 5
Emil’s Tavern Oktoberfest
6:00 PM, 161 Center St, Grays Lake, IL
Sunday, October 7
Senior Resource Center Fundraiser
1:00 PM, Freeport VFW, IL
Thursday, October 11 – 2nd Thursday
Potawatomi Bingo Casino
Fire Pit Side Bar
2:00 PM, Milwaukee, WI

Saturday, October 13
Portage Center for the Arts
7:30 PM, 301 E Cook St, Portage, WI

Sunday, October 14
Hiawatha Bar
2:00 PM, Sturtevant, WI

Tuesday, October 16
American Legion – Tuesday Dance
1:00 PM, 920 Monroe Ave, South Milwaukee, WI
Friday, October 19
Essen Haus
8:30 PM, Madison, WI
Saturday, October 20
Essen Haus
8:30 PM, Madison, WI
Sunday, October 21
Croatian Cultural Club
6:00 PM, Joliet, IL
Tuesday, October 30
American Legion – Tuesday Dance
1:00 PM, 920 Monroe Ave, South Milwaukee, WI
Wednsday, October 31
Pulaski Inn
1:00 PM, 3900 E Pulaski Ave, Cudahy, WI

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