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10/1/2013 Steve Meisner News Letter 10/1/2013
STEVE MEISNER ON HALL OF FAME BALLOTS One year after being placed as a Lifetime Achievement inductee into the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame, Steve Meisner again finds himself as a contender for several 2013 awards shows, including this time in Wisconsin. Steve, along with Ralph Thull, and Gene Shulfer are all on the ballot for the Lifetime Achievement category in the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame. Like last year's Cleveland award, this is the top honor the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame presents.

Winners are chosen by the voting members of the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame. Ballots are due at the Wisconsin Hall in a few days on October 4th. If you are a Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame member, be sure to return your ballot by the deadline. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony being held on Sunday, November 10, 2013. Back in Cleveland, the new Meisner Time recording is among the finalists for “Recording of the Year." The Cleveland award winners will all be announced at the 26th National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame awards show on Saturday, November 30th.

Meisner fans who are also members of either Polka Hall of Fame are encouraged to take part in the voting process. Be sure to return your ballots for this year’s awards. A vote for Meisner Time as Recording of the Year and Steve for the Wisconsin Lifetime Achievement award are of course greatly appreciated.

If you’re not a member, you can find out more or even become a member of either Polka Hall of Fame with a visit to their website by clicking on the links above. Anyone can join and become a member. It’s the members who vote and directly effect the winners in most awards categories. Good luck to Steve and Meisner Time. We’ll let you know what happens in the December newsletter.
October Performances
Saturday, October 5
UW Student Union
10:00 PM, Madison, WI
Sunday, October 6
Hiawatha Bar
2:00 PM, Sturtevant, WI
Friday, October 11
Janesville Moose Lodge
7:00 PM, Janesville, WI
Thursday, October 17
Potawatomi Casino
Fire Pit Side Bar
2:00 PM, Milwaukee, WI
Friday, October 18
Essen Haus
8:30 PM, Madison, WI
Sunday, October 19
American Legion Hall
5:00 PM, Cross Plains
Saturday, October 26
Delavan Lake
Park Pavilion
7:00 PM, Delavan, WI
Sunday, October 27
Turner Hall
1:00 PM, Monroe, WI

Wednesday, October 30
Pulaski Inn
1:00 PM, Cudahy, WI


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