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Musical Intentions

Milwaukee's original music venues may not be as plentiful as they were back in the good old days, but the passion to create original music in Milwaukee is huge.  There are more original projects in Milwaukee that ever before.  Chances are your dad may still have a band. One of the Problems: There are a lot more choices for entertainment these days and bands are just not as big of a novelty as they were in say the 70's and 80's. 
  There are a lot of live music lovers, every week, searching the web for live music in Milwaukee.  Milwaukee Live Entertainment would like to show these music lovers / party goers that there is another world of live entertainment out there.  Great musicians putting on great shows in some pretty cool venues.
   We are in a time where the national music industry is prit-neer impossible to crack and then harder to maintain.  The focus of success can be in Milwaukee.  Musicians need to be more aware of all the original music venues in Milwaukee.   Unlike the good old days, musicians now possess all the tools and resources they need to create, promote and distribute their product themselves.  The trick is to create  something that others want to listen to a second time. I will always maintain, with a good product money can be made in Milwaukee at the side of your stage.   Product and Promotion., oh yea and all of your free time.
    Milwaukee Live Entertainment would like to bring together three actors:  Artists, Venues and Music Lovers.  On this internet stage, I hope to create a show for you.  
                  ~  Jim  ~

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